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Habits to STOP this 2017

Everytime a new year starts, we all want to change for the better and start new positive habits. These positive habits are good but unfortunately, most of the time, they don’t actually work and we tend...

7 types of People that you’ll watch in Snapchat

Just like in Facebook, you’ll encounter a lot of people in Snapchat. While they are different in their own way, there are some types who currently dominate the popular app. Check out this list if you...

Android-based Nokia phones are coming this 2017

Fallen but not forgotten. Mobile giant Nokia is about to attempt to make a comeback next year with new phones. But this time, they’re not repeating the same mistake and will now use Android OS. The plan...

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This Cars 3 teaser trailer is messed up

Surprise, surprise. Good news: Disney/Pixar just released a Cars 3 teaser, bad news: it looks like that our hero Lightning McQueen is going to be spending some time getting himself fixed in the shop. Don’t believe me? Watch the teaser...

Twitter is also copying Snapchat

New technology is going slow nowadays and what everyone is doing now is just copying others. Like Twitter copying Snapchat’s QR codes. Twitter added a new QR code feature to its apps that allows you to follow other users by scanning QR codes...

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10 Instagrammable Places in Japan

We go to a brand new city or foreign land with a heavy reminder digging at the back of our heads – it has to be as perfect as it could possibly get, both in your present and in your photographs. Often times, we fly away with our luggage weighted...

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