We know work can sometimes be tough and exhausting. (WE FEEL YA! WE FEEEEEEEEEL YAAAAA!) So, here are ten GIFs that sum up our feels about work.

1. When you wake up and realize you have to go to work


2. When you’re on your way to the office

going to work

3. That moment when you arrive at the office and you thought you are late… but you’re NOT

buzzer beater

4. When you open your laptop and check your emails

5. Attending an early morning meeting be like…

6. Lunch might be the happiest part of your day

7. But after lunch is always a struggle
After lunch

8. And waiting for work to end is like the most depressing feeling in the world

9. When the work day is almost over, but you’re still getting emails to do URGENT tasks

10. When “going home” is the best reward you can receive (Yayyyyy!!!)
Going home

Look. We may have so much feels about work, but the truth is (truth hurts, I know) we need to work – whether it’s for our self improvement… or for some moolah.

brush it off
Brush it off, guys!



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