Unless you’ve been frozen in a time capsule or you’ve been living under a rock, you’re pretty much aware that Pokemon Go is the hottest thing right now. Due to the game’s success, Hollywood has once again started chasing a live action movie of the franchise.


According to Deadline, even though a number of film studios have pursued a live action of the popular anime and game in the past, each one of them backed off because maybe it was too hard. But then, after the crazy and loud success of Pokemon Go this past few days, plans once again were raised. There are rumors that the film studio of Warcraft, Legendary Pictures, is in the lead to acquire the rights.

Just like Attack on Titan movie, live action movies has a bad reputation when it comes to adapting their franchises (except the Rorouni Kenshin trilogy which was the best). At least Hollywood is right on track to gain noise, not like that 2016 Angry Birds movie. And we’re hoping for the best.

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