A week long of maybe work or school, sure you deserve some rest! But isn’t it more fun to have a busy weekend? And not I’m here to force you to go out of the house; I’m just here to suggest things that you can actually do at home to make your weekends more productive and worthwhile.

Do Yoga. Yoga would be helpful to find your zen and to release stress. It is proven to be a good workout, too. Maybe this weekend, it’s time to sweat out all your worries and stress and fill up your mind with positivity.

Read a book. Why don’t you take some time off from your TV series and movie marathons? Turn off that laptop/TV and choose a book to read. It’s nice to get lost in your imagination sometimes, you know?

Start a new hobby. I think it’s time to start learning that hobby you’ve been dreaming of doing. May it be painting or writing stories or DIY-ing home decors, you go for it! Weekends are made to discover other things beyond those lectures they teach at school or those to-do-lists you have to accomplish at work. Start a new hobby and let yourself rediscover.

Learn to cook. You wouldn’t know that you’re a Top Chef material if you wouldn’t try, right? Ready your apron and start cooking your favorite dish! Don’t forget to share to it with your family and friends! Ask them for comments and criticisms about that dish you’ve made, so you’ll get better at it everytime.

Invite some friends over. I’m sure you’re sick and tired of places where you can’t talk to your friends properly because of the loud music and you can’t really enjoy your company because of the drunk strangers everywhere. So, why don’t you just invite some friends and bond over pizza and… maybe, wine?

Being a homebody is not an excuse to just lay on your bed the whole day and do nothing during weekends. Weekends can always be fun even in the comfort of your home.



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