The recent conclusion of the sixth season of Game of Thrones has left fans craving for more. Fan theories have been both confirmed and debunked this season, and with the show’s epic finale, we are left wishing for Season 7 to come out already.

The strategic maneuvers of the characters are part of what makes the show appealing to viewers. But what if Game of Thrones happened in a more contemporary setting, with our well-loved characters having access to smartphones, laptops, and yep – the internet?

Here are some hilarious scenarios that first came to our minds if ever the internet existed in Westeros:

Arya and her iPhone notes


Arya would have utilized her iPhone to create her kill list. More efficient, she doesn’t have to memorize, plus she’ll be able to sync it to her iCloud account in case she uses other devices.

A Facebook event of the Battle of the Bastards


Jon Snow would rally the Northern Houses against Ramsay through a Facebook event. We know Lord Glover, Lord Manderly, and Lord Kervin declines. But atleast Lyanna Mormont assures Jon that she’s “Going” with her friends.

Lyanna Mormont’s speech going viral in YouTube


Lady Lyanna Mormont’s inspiring speech at the meeting of the Northern Houses would really go viral. Maybe Ellen will invite her in her show? Maybe.

Melisandre’s #NoFilter Instagram Post


Melisandre would finally post her true form to her Instagram account. Being proud of her body, she would have post her picture with a caption “#NoFilter” and “#HatersGonnaHate”.

Daenerys Targaryen’s rich LinkedIn profile


Daenerys would be on LinkedIn, where she’ll proudly list down all her credentials — Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains, The Unburnt Queen of Andals and many more!

Other scenarios include:

  • Jon Snow would be lured by a clickbait saying “Uncle Benjen Stark resurfaces after missing for years. You won’t believe what he looks like now!” He’s disappointed to find out it only leads to a website made by Jon Snow haters.
  • Joffrey Baratheon would be featured in that “Rich Kids of Westeros” article of Buzzfeed, along with Robin Arryn, and the Sand Snakes.
  • After defeating Ramsay Bolton, Jon Snow would call for a Skype call among all the Northern Houses and the Wildlings to discuss an alliance.
  • The wildlings have no idea what a Skype call is. “Is it like mIRC?” Tormund asks.
  • Small council meetings would be held over WebEx.
  • Jorah the Mormont would be Googling “disease symptoms with dry, scaly skin” and be alarmed to find out he has Greyscale.
  • Tyrion would be cyber-bullied all the time by Lannister-haters.
  • Cersei would have a nude-photo scandal. Searches for “Cersei Lannister naked” will spike for days after her Walk of Shame.
  • Varys would always be on Twitter, scrolling through the tweets of his “little birds” to know the latest gossip around Westeros and across the Narrow Sea.
  • Loras Tyrell would be on Grindr. His profile describes him as a “discreet, athletic high-born who’s up for fun. Recently single”.
  • A “Raven” would be an email platform.
  • Poser accounts would be all over Facebook. People say they are actually an organized group called “The Faceless Men”
  • Bran Stark would be an avid user of Uber. He’s thinking of creating his own e-hailing app and plans to call it “Hoder”.
  • Bran’s Nike app would show that he has travelled many miles yet it still has 0 steps.
  • Bran would get addicted to Timehop.
  • Hodor uses Dubsmash to communicate.
  • With his good looks, celebrity-status, and money, it’s no wonder Jamie Lannister is the most-followed person on Instagram. His latest commercial is for VISA, where he says the tagline, “A Lannister always pays his debts”.
  • The Mountain’s Instagram account would be full of gym selfies, and would occasionally include an unimpressed-looking Cersei.
  • The Dothraki would get easily offended by racist comments.
  • The White Walkers would be in Creepypasta subreddits. Rumors say they can bring back the dead, and that they have been spotted several times north of The Wall.



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