Posting good-quality content with consistency is the heart and soul of the best social media strategy. But of course, action speaks louder than words. Not only do you need to post consistently to have traffic, your content has to be right on time, relevant and most of all, interesting. After all, social media is for communication and not just announcements.

Whether it’s a fun “what if Game of Thrones happened today” or tips on being creative, such posts are unique and differ on how they communicate the information to audiences.

Here are some tips and tricks to keep your social media account that you should definitely try out.

Keep it fresh and consistent


If you just share the same images that are trending in the internet over and over, your followers will surely head on over to the most popular page and just share it from there. In advertising terms, it’s called ad fatigue. Basically, it means that when the audience are shown ads too many times, they start to ignore them, making click-baits no that effective.

The trick is to find the fine line between consistency and fatigue. but there’s no perfect answer for every one.

Every audience in a social media account differs. Some accounts can get away with posting 20 photos a day and still have the same high engagement while others will get tired after posting only three photos in their page.

Make sure to do some experimentation with the quantity of posts you publish each day, you might be surprise on the results that you’re about to see.

Have your own style


Having a unique feel is very important to every brand and same goes to a social media account. Consistently using the same effects, fonts, and colors can help distinguish your account from others.

NBA’s Golden State Warriors is a great example of a social media account that has found their own style of posts that surely works with their brand. If you see a phone with that kind of font and color scheme, there’s a high chance that it came from them — minimal copy in the pictures that let’s it speak for themselves.

Having a unique and consistent style for you social media photos develops your page’s brand. Research shows that 80% of the audience are more likely to evaluate solutions from the brands they follow on their social media accounts.

Analytics are your BFFs


Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have made huge strides in their analytics offerings and they are a big help for everyone.

These data are very important and will surely help you come up with a strategy, especially when posting. Be sure to look at your Twitter Analytics Dashboard every now and then a see all the new data they provide especiall on Audiences and Events.

For Facebook, you’ll find the most useful date withing the “Posts” section of the insights — the reach, engagements, impressions and more important numbers.

From there, you can easily identify what are the posts that performed the best and duplicate them and use them as guide to your social media editorial calendars.

Do you have any more social media tricks that proved to be effective? Let us know in the comments section below. Happy posting!


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