Remember when we were younger, we were too excited to grow up and be an adult so we could finally have our dream jobs, earn money and live THE life. Then reality bit us so hard when we got older – we set aside pursuing our dream jobs and seek for the job that compensates us to pay our monthly bills, we go home tired and exhausted, we get out of the bed wanting for the day to be over, everyday at work is a torture and we whine about quitting, and the worst part is we just want our younger selves back and be happy again.

The thing is – nobody said work will be easy, but nobody said work will be this hard either. But if you think about it – like thoroughly and truthfully – work should be challenging for ALL of us. Challenging in a way that we strive and push ourselves to be better at it and at life in general. Here’s to snapping you back into reality that NOTHING IN THIS WORLD WILL BE EASY. And yes, even your dream job could be as b***h as that guy in the red suit.

I know it’s hard not to rant about work, especially when you feel like you’re losing the motivation to step up your game at work, but you also have to remember the reason why you are working your a** off in the first place. Always remember that everyone starts from bottom, and it’s up to you if you want to stay where you are now or move up!

So, to ease that pain and stress you are feeling right now towards work… Here are 5 work quotes to keep you motivated:

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So next time that you feel like you’re “losing it” at work, just take one step back, relax and just breathe.



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