Kim Kardashian finally dropped the bomb on Taylor Swift by posting series of videos on Snapchat. The videos show an over-the-phone conversation of Kanye West and Taylor Swift. Taylor gave her approval on Kanye’s lyric about her in his The Life of Pablo single “Famous”.

The whole world (well fine, the whole social media world, at least) went crazy after seeing the videos. The beef between the two squads just got tastier and tastier – that even their friends and fans fought their hearts out on social media.

We know there’s too much drama in this world, but let’s admit it Hollywood drama is so entertaining and seeing the reactions from random peeps on the Internet or IRL is just priceless! (Haha!)

Here are some GIFs that will perfectly describe people’s reaction on KimYe vs. Tay-Tay War.

1. “Ugh not again” 
1 roll eyes
Image Source

2. Didn’t even bother to look at it because, “Another Taylor issue? What’s new?” 
2 cheese fries
Image Source

3. Woke up late and now desperately trying to look for all the articles explaining what happened but all you see are people fighting on twitter 
3 spongebob computer
Image Source

4. Kim K after snapping
4 badass
Image Source

5. Swifties when they saw the snap
5 tyra
Image Source

6. Kim Kardashian fanbase in general
6 kardashian fanbase
Image Source

7. When Chloë Moretz, Selena Gomez, and Martha Hunt tweeted 
7 shut up
Image Source

8. Just watching other people fight on twitter 
8 popcorn
Image Source

9. Didn’t even know there was an issue (What?! ARE YOU LIVING UNDER A ROCK?!)
9 I don't care
Image Source

10. What we actually look on the outside #KeepCalm
Image Source

We know this will not stop there. So… We’ll just wait here for more beefs to come.

(special thanks to our Intern!)


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