Each year, the San Diego Comic-Con becomes the haven for comic book enthusiasts. Besides from the comics, they give us trailers — a lot of superhero trailers. Being one of the lover of superhero movies, I created a list of all the trailers and previews of new movies and TV series. And without further ado, let me show you the best trailers from Comic-Con:

Justice League

After the mess made by “Batman v Superman”, we were already doubting that another movie will be made by the same creator will be a awful mistake. But the special footage  of Justice League actually looks quite good. It’s much more lighter and humorous and we’ve got high hopes on this one.

Wonder Woman

The moment we’ve all been waiting for, a superhero movie led by a woman and not just by any woman – one of the greatest superheros of all time.

By observing the trailer, the movie takes on a lighter color scheme than the previous DC movies. It’s still dark but it’s not the same with “Batman V Superman”.

Suicide Squad

Here’s another peek at Suicide Squad even if it looks like that they have already shown half of the movie with it.

Legends of Tomorrow – Season 2

Here’s the much-awaited second season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

The Flash – Season 3

The third season for the fastest man alive. Also known as “Flashpoint” which also features the popular Kid Flash.

Arrow – Season 5

Together with the Flash for some action. Arrow gets its fifth season.

Doctor Strange

As for Marvel, they’re moving from the sci-fi and tech-based movie to the world of magic for Doctor Strange.

Marvel’s Iron Fist

Moving to TV shows, here’s the first teaser for Iron Fist which is scheduled to be aired in 2017

Marvel’s Luke Cage

One of the main characters from the popular “Jessica Jones” finally gets his own TV show.

Marvel’s The Defenders

Although this teaser doesn’t show actual footage, we got the confirmation that it will really happen. Iron Fist and Luke Cage with team up with Jessica Jones and Daredevil for Marvel’s The Defenders.

Lego Batman

Not the trailer we want, but the trailer we need.

Kong: Skull Island

After numerous reboots, we got another one and this time it’s from the producers of the most recent Godzilla


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