Road trips are fun… Until you start feeling uncomfortable about your sitting position, impatient about the seemingly never-ending drive, and downright bored for when you’ve run out of things to do.

To sustain the fun all throughout your road trip, here are my top must-haves:

1. Pillow-to-Blanket Convertible 

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For cozy naps and neck support, I recommend bringing along a U-shaped pillow during a long car ride. What’s better is when that pillow is convertible to a blanket, for the times the aircon becomes unbearably cold for you and there’s no turning it down because you are in the company of polar bears (a.k.a. people who thrive in the cold).

Also, since space is a usual consideration in lengthy travels, may it be regarding the car or your luggage capacity, having items that are dual- or multi-purpose makes you a very smart traveller!

2. Multi-Passenger iPad Mount for the Backseat

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Everyone’s familiar with phone and tablet mounts for drivers. People who ride Ubers and GrabCars know this by heart. Drivers use that for easy navigation and for convenience in general. But what about us, passengers? Don’t we get one, too? I say we do, because a backseat iPad mount can turn your in-car movie watching experience up a notch! With its hands-free feature, you can now share your movie with everyone else at the back.

3. “Download & Watch Offline” Movies

Now that you have your iPad mount settled, let’s now discuss what we will actually be watching in the car.

Since torrent is starting to be passé (plus it’s illegal, guys), and since mobile internet isn’t very reliable here in the Philippines especially once you’re past NLEX or SLEX (therefore streaming isn’t a very good idea), I recommend having offline-available TV shows and movies while on the go.

Personally, I like using iFlix for this very feature. Download is easy, and selection is pretty good. I also don’t know where the bytes go when my shows and movies get downloaded, to be honest, which is an awesome thing because that means they don’t eat up my measly storage one bit!

4. BPA-Free Water Bottle

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Did you know that water helps keep you in a good mood? To keep everyone away from cranky-landia, I recommended bringing your own water bottle to your road trips to stay hydrated. Just make sure your bottle is BPA-free so your drinks are always safe.

Also, since water bottles come in different shapes and colors, you also get to choose one based on your personality. Now ain’t that fun?

5. Snacks & Games… in One?

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Like I said, you earn a star for every useful dual- or multi-purpose item that you bring to a trip. And for this, I have another suggestion: Combine snacks and games into one, like with the BeanBoozled Jelly Belly Jelly Beans! Not only is it a snack for your sweet tooth, but also a very handy and car-friendly game to keep the good energy flowing during your trip. As per instruction: “Use the spin wheel to decide what bean you eat. Will it taste great or gross?”




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