It could be a challenge when deciding where to take your date, most especially if it’s the first time you two are going out. Of couse, you would want to impress her, so here comes the mind boggling question “Where to go on our first date?”

I have listed a some ideas below, that could possibly help you plan your first date with your girl and save you from the mentally draining dilemma.

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1. Dinner at a restaurant

If you want to keep it simple and classy, go for a dinner date. Reminder, dinner date doesn’t necessarily mean fancy restaurants and spending too much. I suggest you set a certain budget, to avoid overspending (and unexpectedly asking your date to pay for the other half, which is humiliating, unless you’ve discussed splitting the bill in two prior the date.)

2. Grab some coffee

You can’t go wrong with a cup of coffee (unless your date doesn’t drink coffee). Get to know your date, while taking it easy. Coffee is normally cheap and can jump-start your day, at the same time it’s casual and quick. If the both of you are always on-the-go, you can easily squeeze it in your schedule and find no reason not to meet over coffee.

3. Bowling 

What’s more fun than having a friendly bowling game? Just remember that you’re interested with this girl, so keep it light and friendly. You don’t want to end up hating each other after the game LOL.

4. Watch a Movie

If you’re too shy to start a conversation, watching a movie can just save you from overthinking on how to start one. It’s one way to find a good conversation topic, after watching the movie, you can discuss it with your date and you can start from there.

5. Go-Karting

Try something fun, exciting and out-of-the-ordinary on your first date, and invite her to go-kart. A little competition can be a good recipe for some light and playful flirting, just make sure to drive safely!

6. Dessert

There is a wide variety of desserts that you can choose from. Cakes, gelato, bingsu brings comfort, and just like coffee, this can be a quick meet-over dessert date. Plus, according to a research done in a university in Indiana, USA, it said to help build a romantic connection. And if you’re lucky, maybe you can score a dinner date the next time *wink*.

7. Board Games

Playing board games is a good way to break the ice. There are a lot of available board game bars nowadays, where you can eat, drink and play boardgames at the same time. Show her your fun side and win her instantly!

8. Visit a museum

There’s always something interesting about museums. Choose one that would interest the both of you, making sure that your day won’t go to waste. For example, the Pinto Art Gallery would take you hours before you finish the entire tour and there are coffee shops where you can sit and relax when you get tired. Perfect way to catch up!

9. Breakfast/lunch picnic 

What’s more refreshing than spending a meal close to nature?  You won’t have to spend much when it comes to organising a picnic and preparing your picnic basket. You can either buy prepared meals and snacks or prepare them yourself. Let her know what an amazing cook you are. Treat yourselves to a peaceful date, away from the busy city where you can focus on each other.

10. Cruise in Manila Bay

It doesn’t get any sweeter than a cruise along Manila Bay at night. Plus, you get served dinner, so you don’t have anything else to worry about. You just have to prepare yourself. Normal rates for a buffet dinner cruise is below Php 1,000 per head, and you may check discounted vouchers online also.

These are just ideas that can help you decide what to do your first date, but keep in mind, for it to be successful the both of you need to click.

Be yourself and know what the other person is interested in, then that’s the start.

Goodluck! *wink*


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