In case you forgot, two years ago, Facebook declared that they want to stop clickbaits from appearing in your News Feed. If you don’t know what clickbait is, it’s a link that leaves the readers being tricked and cheated to go to a certain website. Facebook users are also fighting fanpages that they went ahead a copied the whole article and pasted it in the comments section just so that the users won’t have to go the website itself.

Now, Facebook is joining the fight. They announced that they are adjusting their News Feed again and they will implement improvements to reduce the distribution of headlines that are kind of misleading to the readers. Facebook has started the change by having their own employees analyze “tens of thousands” of headlines to identify common elements of clickbait stories. If ever the new Facebook algorithm identifies a headline as clickbait, it will limit both the reach of the post and potentially the reach of the publisher that posted it. The vice president of product management even stated “If you’re a publisher, or you are a content farm, and you post 50 things a day and 48 of them are clickbait, you’ll see a significant drop in referral traffic and reach”.



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