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10 Unique Filipino Words that Should Be Used Often

The Philippines is home to many different languages. many still being spoken today. This is the beauty of our culture, the dynamic and colorful reality that envelopes our daily lives.

Here are some words that we have found unique and striking originating from Tagalog, Sebwano, Kapampangan, and many more.


Bakasakali, adverb – taking a risk, without any assurances


Dapithapon, noun – the time when the sun sets


Haraya, noun (Sebwano, Sinaunang Tagalog) – the ability of the mind to form images or concepts of external things not existent or not real.


Iral, noun (Kapampangan, Tagalog) – the existence of a being, action, or experience


Kasarinlan, noun – the capability to live on one’s own of a group, society, or country


Katha, noun (Sinaunang Tagalog) – created by the mind


Lambing, noun (Bikolano, Kapampangan, Tagalog) – action that is towards another, characterized by soft body movements and words


Liwayway, noun – the first coming into view of light or of the sun in the morning


Sibol, noun – the first growing of a planted seed


Silay, noun – a brief look

Source: UP Diksiyonaryong Filipino


(credits to Typist intern)

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