Suicide Squad is finally here and it made an impressive number in the box-office surpassing Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and also Deadpool but reviews are bad and down in the dumps. As for me, I have seen the movie and similar to the other reviewers, I had mixed feelings and I really think that the movie could have been better. Here are my thoughts on how they should’ve changed the movie for it to be much better.

Beware, spoilers ahead. If you haven’t watched it yet, please bookmark this page first and return when you’re done watching the movie.


A better mission, please

The mission of the Suicide Squad was rather confusing with the whole rescue thing and going through the whole Enchantress boss fight. With them being the Suicide Squad, they should be expendable and should anything goes wrong they were the one who were supposed to take the blame. And at every point in the movie, I didn’t see the possibility that if something goes hay-wire, it would be automatically be the fault of the squad. It would have been so much better if the Suicide Squad had a suicide mission like rescuing a very important government official from an enemy stronghold. If they get caught, the would take the fall and the government has nothing to do with it. In this movie, we saw them be the good guys with bad behavior.


Stick with name of the group: Suicide Squad

With a better mission, the group became Suicide Squad because they were to be a metahuman-level force with full-deniability from the government and military. So for the Suicide Squad to be rolling around with a huge group of air and ground support from the military made it feel like they’re more of an aid than a true Suicide team.  They may go ahead and tell that the military was there to guard the Suicide Squad but they have already gone with the blackmailing and bombs-planted-inside-their-bodies premise so the military group still didn’t made much sense. At some point, the movie even made me feel that officer Rick Flag was the protagonist in the movie which is very bad in every single way. The Suicide Squad would have been more formidable without a bunch of SWAT teams accompanying them all throughout the mission.



More Batman for Joker and Harley

The movie went ahead and made the franchise more connected by bringing Batman into the scene, but it was more unnecessary than being an eye-candy. It made us feel that the Batman’s sole purpose is to support Harley Quinn because Joker was her love interest and Batman’s archenemy. The movie should have explained more about Batman being there especially since the movie mentions that Harley assisted the Joker to kill Robin. Would Batman really be fine with his enemies running around doing missions especially if those enemies are responsible for his beloved Robin’s death? More scenes with the Batman related to the Suicide Squad’s growth should really be in the movie. And don’t start with me with the after-credits scene, there was no point in Batman collecting those files of the Justice League with him having Lex Luthor’s files.

Do you have something in mind that would make the movie better? Let us know in the comment’s section below.



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