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How to look cool on Snapchat while chillin’ at home

Snapchat can be very fun to use especially when you’re outside doing fun things, but sometimes it gets depressing when you’re watching your friend’s Snaps while your just at home doing nothing.

Now, here’s a trick that aims to help you fool your followers into thinking that you’re having a fun night outside even though you’re just at home watching TV. Of course it won’t make you feel better about yourself, but it could help you look cool in Snapchat if you’re into that sort of thing.


Late Night Snap Hacks is a website which main objective is to create scenes that you can take a snap so everyone will think that you’re outside. Be it in a concert or walking down the street. The website currently has 10 different clips of which includes parties, concerts, and bars. Plus they have the kind of background noise that you’d expect. All you need is to choose the scene you want and Snap away!

But be careful, you’ll have to live with the embarrassment if your followers found out that it’s fake, proceed at your own risk.


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