The first few days after Pokemon Go was made available in The Philippines was such a thrill. Why? Because it’s Pokemon. It’s a good mix of nostalgia and new technology, it was a brand-new experience. The augmented reality is an interesting gimmick that people got hooked into capturing their screens and sharing it to social media. But if you look closer, you’ll see that these fun features are trying to had something dark: It’s just another game that’s trying to eat up your time and even money. And it’s time to stop.

You can’t actually win

Unlike games like Dota 2 or Counter-Strike, Pokemon Go is not a game based on skills. The main objective is to catch Pokemon, battle gyms and just level up. None of these things have anything to do in how you play and that’s clearly a waste. And if you don’t want to run around and hunt some Pokemon, the game allows you to buy some PokeCoins so you’ll have more advantage than those who are working hard in catching.

Soon, you’ll realize that there will always be people with more time and money than you. And they’ll have stronger Pokemon than you.

There are cheaters

Aside from people who are richer than you. There are those who wants to cheat their way to being a Pokemon Master immediately. They can catch those rare Pokemons without even breaking a sweat and leaving their homes. The fact that the game uses GPS, cheaters can just spoof their location to where the rare Pokemon is. Every game that has cheaters in it will always go down. Why not do it now?

You’re wasting time

Soon enough, you’ll realize that you have spent so much time in playing a game that has no goal or objective . Instead of randomly walking around and staring at your smartphone the whole time, you could be practicing photography, learning how to paint, or training other skills. You’re wasting precious time into something that has no value in the real world.

So that’s it. Press and hold that app and uninstall it. Be free, Butterfree.



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