Bridget Jones’s Diary is drunkenly funny, adorably awkward, and has proven to be relatable for any girl who has gone through any of the following:

(a) weight problems, (b) public speaking nightmares, (c) unforeseen heartache from The-One-turned-major-assh*le-overnight, (d) having one’s worth closely tied to the opposite sex, (e) being torn between two lovers, (f) having ridiculous parents and having to attend ridiculous family gatherings where you’re constantly judged, (g) humiliation on national TV, (h) worn the most inappropriate costume, or worn any costume for that matter to a non-costume party, (i) been in the same predicament over and over again, (j) and consequently drinking one too many glasses of wine.

And even if, let’s say you have lived a perfect life, and maybe Bridget may be a bit too much of a train wreck for you to be able to relate to easily, I bet all my cat’s lives that you’ll still love her just as much anyway.

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I would say Bridget Jones’s Diary is a classic. At least I’m talking about the first instalment of it. It never gets old, and if I could, I would watch it every Christmas season, and sing along to ‘All By Myself’ with a glass of wine in my hand. I love it so much to the point that I got too excited about Bridget Jones’s Baby when it was first released as a teaser, and then as a trailer. But then, when it came out, I almost didn’t want to see it because I was worried it would disappoint like most comeback films do.

Thank God I had time to kill last weekend, and also, Rotten Tomatoes to tell me I had nothing to worry about. 😉 Bridget Jones’ Baby is certified fresh at 77% the last time I checked, and I guarantee you it’s an accurate number.


In this third and latest instalment, Bridget is back and has finally put a halt to her weight problems. She has a blossoming career in TV production and a lovely apartment. But can she say she has it all? Like what Bridget said in her earlier film:

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that when one part of your life starts going okay, another falls spectacularly to pieces.”

Go figure.

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As if it is any spoiler, Bridget is going to have a baby! How? Now that’s the good part. She ends up in consecutive one-night stands with two good-looking men—don’t judge her unless you’re blameless (there’s a Bible verse for this). One is a stranger who happens to be a millionaire (aka McDreamy) and another who’s a little too familiar and a little too close to her heart. (Guess. His name also starts with MD.) But who’s the real Baby Daddy? And the bigger question – who will Bridget fall for? Is it the guy who’s 97% compatible with her, or the one who’s terrifyingly a mismatch? The guy with a clean slate and an undoubtedly bright future ($$$), or the other with a couple of divorces under his belt and is practically and annoyingly married to his job and phone?

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To find out, of course you’re going to have to watch this film. And I promise you, you won’t regret it! Like I said, Bridget Jones is back! She may have lost a significant amount of weight, and gained a few more fine lines (perhaps out of laughing too much at her mistakes), but she is the same Bridget you once knew. She’s just a little more grown up this time, and a little more comfortable with life’s little surprises. 😉


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