We waited 6 months for this and we’re still waiting. But thanks to the preview, we’re confident we’re up for another mind-boggling season of maybe-murderers and a ton of flashbacks. People took to social media to express their excitement and frustration while waiting for the season premiere of How To Get Away With Murder a.k.a HTGAWM, so here are 10 GIFs that sum them all up:

1. When you forgot the premiere’s airing real soon… you know, tomorrow

2. Cramming all the previous episodes in one go

3. When you don’t remember what happened last season so you desperately look for a recap video or writeup somewhere

4. When you think the premiere’s going to start underwhelming but you remember they have to solve how Wes’ father got shot

5. Trying to find out the who the murderer is on your own but you have so many theories

6. And you also know the @MurderWriters will come up with something you never thought of

7. More importantly, what are all those ships for if not for sailing?

8. Stalking every cast and crew member on Twitter for updates

9. Okay, I’m ready for season 3 now.

10. “Not everyone is going to make it out alive.” … that probably includes us.

How to Get Away With Murder Season 3 will premier on September 22, 10pm EDT.

So, who’s excited? We’re excited!!



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