The new season of the hit TV thriller, How to Get Away with Murder, just premiered and we are beyond shook. Each scene was so suspenseful that those 50 minutes went by so fast. Spoiler Alert! There was a breakup, a summer throwback, and even a death too! Really, how do you expect everyone to get over that emotional whirlwind right away? Here are 10 GIFs describing people’s reactions while watching the episode (but really, we could swear we felt more than 10 emotions):

1. HowToGetAwayABC tweets: It’s all about to go down! ARE YOU READY???

2. I approve of the new Frank

3. “Killer”? Yeah I know our girl Annalise won’t bat an eyelash

4. Since when did Meggy exist?

5. Watching that Coliver breakup scene

6. Live tweeting all the emotions!!!

7. Wes and Laurel? Michaela and Asher? When did all these relationships start???

8. We’re not sure who those other new characters are but that new guy in the beginning is annoying.

9. It was all fun and games until the last 5 minutes

10. That was just the first episode



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