Smartphones have been deeply integrated in our lifestyle for years now. It’s everything rolled into one convenient handset that somehow perfectly fit our palms no matter what the size, and it seems to only move forward from season-to-season. Recently, smartphones have been keeping up and releasing phones tailor-made for our crowd’s new obsession: the selfie age.  One of the biggest features that people consider when they’re looking for a phone is the quality of its camera, and our generation demand nothing less than exceptional results – and that is a high-resolution back and front camera. When it comes to choosing the right smartphone, we all have an abundance of choices, and mine would be the OPPO F1S Selfie Expert. Here are five reasons why:


Have you always struggled to take a selfie with your squad? Well, things are turning brighter for your friends because OPPO F1s has provided us with a selfie panorama that lets us take selfies by stitching the photos to create a seamless wide-angle shot. You don’t have to squeeze yourself into the frame anymore, just rotate your phone from side-to-side and have fun taking a group selfie!


Smartphones have become a necessity that is integral in our daily use – it’s not just about holding connections with people anymore, we use it for everything; whether it’s for school, work or just pure entertainment. Figuratively speaking, we can fit our whole lives in just one single smart phone. Having a dual sim + individual SD slot provides us with more than enough space to safely keep all of your media, files and memories. The fact that it also has an additional memory card slot provides you with an extra storage that assures a smooth, satisfactory and efficient experience for its users without undergoing any lag when going from one app to another.


The outside shell looks eye-catching because of its metal casing, but it doesn’t just stop there. Once you open your phone, you’d immediately notice the improved Color OS 3.0’s sleek user-interface. The images and icons provide a vivid and cheerful outlook, and one of the most powerful features of this is its theming functionality, which enables users to customize the interface to suit your taste.


This feature complements OPPO F1s’ 16-Mega Pixel front camera – we love taking selfies, but sometimes looking good for the camera can be a tiring process. It takes a considerable amount of time to find the right angle and lighting that would highlight your best features, and it doesn’t stop there! You have to meticulously scroll through your list of photos just to find the perfect one to edit. Beautify 4.0 provides you a painless process so you won’t have to exert too much effort brightening our skin through make-up or editing. With just one click, you can look effortless!


You don’t need to invest on expensive equipment just to achieve an impressive selfie – nowadays, you can instantaneously snap a picture, and the best thing about OPPO F1s is that it has a front 16-Mega Pixel camera. Gone are the days when you have to struggle with your back camera in hopes of getting a flawlessly high-quality shot, our generation desires convenient ways to take insta-worthy selfies and a high-grade front cams are just what we need. The aperture setting also means that more light would travel through the lens, resulting in a focused and well-lit selfie even in low-light areas.



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