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10 Halloween Costumes That Shouldn’t Happen Anymore

Wherever you are in the world, I’m sure that we can all relate to the fact that we all have our favorite seasons. It’s a chance for the world to go out and celebrate, and Halloween is no exception. Halloween is a holiday about glorifying all things spooky and scary, a day to dress up in a costume for the sake of having fun. And most of the time, that’s our end goal – to have fun and get candy at the end of the night.

Sometimes, there are Halloween costumes that are just plain horrifying (and believe me, it is not the kind of scary that would properly celebrate Halloween) and some of the fun comes at the expense of others. The scariest thing is that people might actually do it again, so we gathered a few photos and listed down the ideas that you should definitely throw out and avoid.

1. Dressing your kid up as a condom
Hope this didn’t ruin his childhood. huhuhu…
(Image source: www.justsomething.co)

2. … Or turning your child into a Pepsi bottle.

(Image source: www.collegehumor.com)

3. What could be worse than going as a toilet?

(Image source: www.pinterest.com)

4. Never mind, this is probably the worst.

(Image source: www.heavy.com/comedy)

5. And undoubtedly the worst of the worst? 

(Image source: www.funnyordie.com/articles)

6. Anything that has something to do with used napkins.

(Image source: www.rebelcircus.com)

7. A sexy Ebola containment costume

(Image source: www.brandonsale.com)

8. This might even be a cute couple costume idea, right? No!

(Image source: www.brandonsale.com)

9. Dressing up as white trash

(Image source: www.arkansashunting.net)

10. And a lesson learned for Joey and Tito Sotto, perhaps they’d do better this year… *fingers crossed*

(Image source: www.philstar.com)


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