Philippine President Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte might be one of the most talked about world leaders today for reasons which are not purely positive. You may have already read an article about him expressing his admiration to a female media practitioner in a “non-traditional” way, or heard the news about him cursing the US President, or even seen him on TV giving his stern words on human rights and anti-drug war.

Some of us may like him the way he is. Well, no one can disagree with the fact that he is somehow a “breath of fresh air” for a president. We can’t disagree that he is outspoken, tough and has a strong stand on what he believes in. He acts, talks, and likes to be treated like an ordinary citizen of his country or even the world– and that’s something commendable for a leader.

But with all these overwhelming support and praises given to the President, there are still some of us who thinks that he’s too much for a president – and maybe we can’t blame them, too. Some say that his way of speaking is way out of hand and that turns them off. Some think that his views about human rights is questionable. And of course, the most popular disagreement between supporters and non-supporters is the way he handles his frustrations towards the media and his political critics.

Maybe he’s just being a human like anyone of us, or maybe he’s just being drop-dead honest about his persona. Nevertheless, human or superhuman, everyone, especially a leader, should be the best image of a nation. Like it or not, a president has the biggest responsibility of projecting the best qualities of a racial group as he is both a national and a global leader.

So, to help him to be a better leader, we listed down 5 things President Duterte should (or can) consider when handling frustrations.

1. President Duterte should always think that there are children who are watching him

Actually, these kids aren’t just watching, some of them adore him and wants to be like him someday. I think, Mr. President should consider that he is a role model to the young ones, that he should be a good example to them. Maybe when he is about to spit out those cringing bad words on national television, he’ll think about the children who are watching him.

2. President Duterte should always remember that the media loves to sensationalize

Even a small and an irrelevant topic can go viral and be the most relevant issue when the media picks that up. Sensationalism is always present in the media world, and we’ll all agree when I say most of the time it works!

President Duterte should learn to accept and remember that media loves “juice”, maybe it’s something he can consider before expressing himself in front of them. Yes, people may say that good or bad PR is still PR, but too much bad news can be the distraction to the real issue. And worst, that might be the cause of his downfall.

3. Cursing shows lack of intelligence

People say cursing too much shows lack of intelligence, maybe it’s because it may seem to show how limited a person’s vocabulary is when he’s cursing a lot.

The President may continue being straightforward to what he wants to express in front of anyone, but maybe he can start discussing arguments by avoiding the use of curse words. This not only shows everyone how intelligent he is, but also how disciplined he can be.

4. When triggered, think happy thoughts

One good way to overcome frustrations is to think happy thoughts. Thinking happy thoughts can help anyone’s anger subside. Maybe President Duterte should remind himself some positive and happy thoughts whenever he’s triggered. That way, he can think of the situation thoroughly and react better.

5. Respect should be given

And yes, it should given to anyone – may he deserve it or not. Respect should always be a human nature, it’s something that we learn by ourselves. Respect should not only be given to the people who understand and support us, or to the people who we share the same beliefs with, or to the people who respect us back, but it is also given to the people who don’t believe in our capacity as a human – or as a leader for this matter – and to the ones who keep on pulling our trigger and pushing us to our limits.

We’re not saying President Duterte is the worst president a nation can have. To be honest, he may be one of the best. And we know he can do A LOT better if he’ll just tone his temper a little down and be the bigger person.



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