If there is one thing most Filipinos enjoy, it’s their coffee. There’s nothing more enjoyable than drinking their favorite 3-in-1 coffee mix or even a Starbucks Coffee in the morning. Nothing beats a good coffee while catching up with friends.

Good or not-so-good, each one of us have created at least one memory over a cup of coffee. With all these never-ending craze over coffee and blossoming concept cafés, Pinoys definitely need some more.

We listed down 10 Coffee Shops we wish we have in PH.

1. Horror Picture Tea (France)

Tattoo parlor + Coffee shop = Perfect combo!

horror_picture_tea_5 horror-picture-tea-6

2. The Grounds of Alexandria (Australia)

This Grounds was a warehouse and a pie factory during 1900s. Its research and testing facility is just beside the actual coffee shop.


3. La Distributrice (Canada)

How about a good coffee on the go?

01_08_13_ladistrubutrice_9 4-ladistributrice-5144004158-exterior-700x500

4. L’oisiveThé (France)

Maybe this would be a nice hangout place for the #TitasOfManila, don’t you think?

“Mare, knitting session over coffee? “G!” 1bis8800636537_a225c36386_b

5. Dreamy Camera Cafe (South Korea)

Coffee inside a gigantic vintage camera? YAS PLEASE!!! 

Pinoys love to take photos, may it be using their regular cameras or phones. To have this kind of coffee shop in the Philippines, might one of the biggest dream come true of every Filipino. So… Please make this happen. *crying emoji*giant-camera-coffee-shop-south-korea-dreamy-camera-cafe-5dscf2630-1397021817

6. Happy Bones Café (New York)

Let’s set our priorities straight: 1. Good coffee 2. Instagrammable café


7. Di Café Deli (Poland)

It would be a nice reward if you spend your Saturday morning with a cup of coffee and a little sunlight, right? TREAT YO’ SELF!


8. Barista Parlor (Tennessee)

Some good ol’ country music in an industrial designed café may be a good idea…

barista_parlor12_800 o

9. Café Baron (Japan)

We all know how much we enjoyed our visit at the dog and cat café in the Metro, but petting owls sounds fun, too. Plus, Harry Potter dreams!!!!! Huhu… I mean, hoo hoo

800-koenji-baron 800-koenji-baron2

10. Sankt Oberholz (Germany)

This may be one of the cafés we need in PH – and when we said “we need” we mean “a lot of them!”.

“Let’s work outside office, bes!”




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