For a lot of people who grew up in the early years of the internet, Yahoo! was more than just a portal or an email provider. Yahoo! was like the entire internet. It’s your source of news, search, email, chat, games, cloud storage and many more.

Here are the top Yahoo! services we used to love and use a lot.

Yahoo! Mail. Yahoo’s email service was the biggest and most popular in its time, only to be rivaled by Microsoft’s HotMail. Yahoo! email bought rival RocketMail to expand it userbase. Gmail only came in much, much later but eventually took the lead mainly due to huge mailbox space offered for free.

Yahoo! Games. Casual online games like chess, billiards and scrabble were the “in thing” back then. You can play and compete with other Yahoo users across the intarwebs. The service was eventually closed down this March 2016.

Yahoo! Groups. Before FB Groups and Fan Pages, there was Yahoo! Groups. It’s a mailing list service that send out updates to subscribers of the groups. You can read the updates on the Groups page or get digest in your email at the end of the day. Filipinos were one of the top users of Yahoo! Groups back then.

Yahoo! Messenger. Aside from ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger was one of the best instant messaging service in its day. It’s got custom avatars and themes and, for a time, even allowed you to send an SMS to a friend for free.

Yahoo! Answers. One of the best services that Yahoo! operated was Answers. Before Twitter, Facebook and Quora, it’s the first place you go to if you have any questions. People will almost instantly reply and you can even pick the best answer to be featured in the page.

Yahoo! Babel Fish. In its early years, the Babel Fish translation service is the only place you can go to just to get a foreign word or sentence translated. You might not need it every day but when the situation calls for it, a quick translator really is very handy.

Geocities. Before blogging became the fad, Geocities was the best place to go to when you want to put up a website. It’s simple and easy and everyone’s got their own free homepage with 15MB of space. It’s where we learned basic HTML and posted anything from our resume, collection of lyrics or poems to listing items for sale.

Flickr. It’s one of the coolest sites to upload and store your collection of photos. It’s a favorite of a lot of hobbyist photographers, some of which were willing to pay an annual premium of $50 in order to store up to 1,000GB of photos. This little bookmarking service that allows users to store and share bookmarks online. You can then subscribe or follow accounts of other people so you can also visit the pages or sites that they bookmarked.

Yahoo! also bought microblogging platform, Tumblr, in 2013 which was one of the most active sites then. We originally wanted to put it at #10 but decided to hold off since we still love the site.

With Verizon’s acquisition of Yahoo!, the site and its core assets could be merged with AOL which the former bought for $4.4 billion just last year. If you’re still using some of Yahoo’s services like Yahoo! Mail, don’t worry; it will still be there.


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