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4 trailers that you should watch this week

Just in case your news feed is full of politics and bad news, you may have missed a number of trailers. Lighten up and watch these:

Ghost in the Shell

The original Ghost in the Shell is an anime that kids grew up with in the 90’s. Although I haven’t been able to watch the anime fully because I didn’t actually liked the visuals when I was a kid, the movie’s visuals are dense, colorful and mesmerizing to stare at. With Scar-Jo being the main character instead of an asian actress, we’ll have to see if she delivers.

Lemony Snicket’s A series of unfortunate events

Making a series that was a movie few years ago, Netflix is going to take the challenge of maintaining a strong visual for a number of episodes. This is the series’ first real trailer and it’s not hard to compare it to the movie. I’m actually impressed with the similarities: costumes, characters and overall theme. The series will premiere on January 13th.

Beauty and the Beast

Disney is again taking live-action to the next level with the remake of Beauty and the Beast. This is the full trailer for the remake and will come out on March 17.

Kong: Skull Island

The first time I saw the trailer was in a movie house and I really thought that it was the next Godzilla or an old-school Cloverfield. The movie will come out on March 10.


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