Excellent customer service is one thing. But having your brand’s social media sites run by these people would be a total win to us.

Wendy’s USA

If only we could give a special award to the sassiest social media manager in the world. Actually, we don’t have to give the award. It will just make its way to Wendy’s.

Oishi Philippines

Home of your favorite eye-catching, heart-wrenching, cannibalistic comics


Taco Bell USA

Don’t even try to troll them. They’re not afraid to clap back at big social media personalities!


Esquire Philippines

Esquire has had enough with trolls back in the election season. But all year round, they will be replying and it will only be either you laughing with them or the whole world laughing at you.


Modess Philippines

The absolute saviour when a woman’s on her period. Modess cares and will reply to your period pain grunts with their YouTube playlist of carefully selected music to ‘help with your mood’.



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