Tuesdays can be a bit boring sometimes. It’s not the wretched start of the week, not hump day, and definitely not a day before TGIF. It’s just what it is — a Tuesday. Here are 12 videos you can watch to keep you company on this bland day:


Edward Avila’s GRWM because his stories are hilarious! And his makeup’s always on-fleek.

Joan Kim’s vlogs that will make you buy that ticket to Seoul

Alonzo Lerone’s Dumbest Fails on the Internet

John Oliver creating a LEGALLY RECOGNIZED Church

The lyric video of Grace Vanderwall’s winning song

Topless Baker’s eye-catching dessert

These thrilling unsolved mysteries

Moana should definitely dance to this! Stunning choreography!

Keep calm with Voces 8’s Balulalow

 How to Roll a Coin Across Your Knuckles because you’re just that bored

 A really REALLY peaceful instructional video on how to make bubble tea

And a Jason Mraz performance featuring that one perfect audience member



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