It’s 2017 and a lot of option than we ever need to communicate with each other. People send Snapchats, tweet one another and most of the time we use Facebook messenger to interact with each other.

But even though there are so many modern and more convenient ways to keep in touch, a lot of us hold on to the old method — calling. While you could always send someone a quick message, other people still like to go through the hassle of calling to inform someone on the other side.

Being the shy guy that I am, I’m not really fond of calling people. But think of it, do you really still need to call a person when you have that magical device dubbed as the smartphone? Sure, we use that word to describe a phone with extra “smart” functionality. But today, that same device is not a luxury anymore. It’s a must-have.

Back when the first iPhone was announced, texting was still the main mobile text-based messaging service albeit had a lot of limitations. With a maximum of 160 characters, no support for images and the fact that it was expensive to use, it wasn’t the ideal option. Now we have numerous messaging service for free like Messenger, Whatsapp and Viber that we can always use. Provided that we have the mobile data to use it.

So why do we still use phones for calling, even if there are vastly easier ways to reach someone? My friends told me that they are simpler, faster and more personal. But I beg to differ, here’s why.

It’s actually hard to do

Calling isn’t actually easier. For me, it’s actually a hassle. You’ll need to wait before you’re connected, while the person you’re calling is being interrupted in what he or she was doing. Suddenly, your phone starts making noises just because someone else think’s that he/she is important enough for you to give attention. You have to stop what you’re doing, step out of the moment and trust that the caller has something important to say to waste your time.

It’s time-consuming

Calling is not quicker as you think it seems. When you pick up, you first need to go through the right ways of being a nice person (call it the phone etiquette). You’ll have to say things like “Hey!” and “I’m good, how about you?” for a couple of minutes then gradually say the actual point of conversation. But if you’re just messaging, isn’t it faster to go with this:

You: “Want to grab coffee in 5 mins?”

Me: “Sure.”

Yes, it’s personal. But does it have to be?

There’s truth that calling is more personal than texting. But that doesn’t mean that it’s always the right choice to make. Sure there are situations when calling makes more sense. If you got your heart broken by the girl you like, you may call your bestfriend to be the long-distance crying shoulder and vent out your feelings. But those kind of situations are rare. Truth is, 95 percent of all calls could have been a message. They’re simply not that important.

So Messaging is the perfect medium?

Hell no. It’s not that perfect. For starters, users are spread over those different platforms like Facebook Messenger, iMessage, WhatsApp, and Viber. But that’s a hundred miles better than calling.

Next time you think that you should call someone for something not urgent. Please think again. Actually, just don’t.


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