David Harbour in an interview with Hollywood Life has some exciting news for all of us. As for Barb, well she won’t be returning, but there will be hints where #JusticeForBarb lives in everyone’s hearts.

The much awaited second season of the hit Netflix thriller Stranger Things now was a few details revealed, just enough to remind us to keep our eyes peeled for its comeback.


As the characters step into the heart of the 80’s, now a year later after Season 1, there will be drastic visual changes. They’ll venture just a little bit out of Hawkins, Indiana too.

Winona Ryder will also be paired up with Sean Astin, revealed to be the owner of Hawkins RadioShack. A lot of other characters will be introduced too, namely a certain Roman played by Linnea Berthelsen. She will not be with the kids but she sure is connected to all the happenings in that Department of Energy.

The new season will follow the events we’ve already witnessed in the first one, but we will still be returning to the Upside Down.


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