Pokémon has another game up in there sleeves after the short-but-memorable Pokémon GO. It’s dubbed as Duel and it’s a strategy battle game where you collect virtual figures and fight them in an attempt to take over territory from your rival.

The Duel mechanic features actually battling your figure, which you can select in teams of six just like the classics. You’ll find that each individual Pokémon has their own stats, including how many steps they can move in a turn and multiple attack types. You can use your figures both to defend and attack.

Just like Pokémon GO, Duel is a free game with in-app purchases so there’s a shortcut to success if you have the money. You can use “plates” to boost your Pokémon’s powers. There’s also a league play mode that lets you battle real human opponents at any time.

Pokémon Duel is available in both the App Store and Google Play and we suggest you to try it. It’s a different take on the classic Pokémon game and the previous Pokémon GO. Maybe you’ll find it addicting? We’ll see.



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