Best time to eat out? We got you.

Often times, we’ll have that sudden craving wherein we want to eat out on a fancy restaurant or buffet. It can ruin so many new year’s resolution and habits like saving money. But if you can’t really handle that urge, then try to eat out for lunch instead of dinner.

Personal finance website Five Cent Nickel explained that many restaurants have a different lunch and dinner menu, even though most of the food they serve is the same. But you may not notice that there are two key differences: lunch portions are often smaller and they’re slightly cheaper. With this, it can help you both your diet and your wallet.

Go out for lunch instead of dinner. Restaurant menus tend to be similar between lunch and dinner, so you can get the same entree. The main differences are portion size and price. Lunch entrees tend to be a bit smaller and cost less. You can have the same restaurant service experience at a fraction of the price if you go at lunchtime instead of in the evening.

But keep in mind that this only works if the restaurant you’re eating at has a different lunch menu. You want to do some research first on the restaurant or just go with fastfood chains like Jollibee or McDonald’s, right?


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