It’s time to vote for your favorites! If you’re 14 and up, you can vote for the next Miss Universe. Simply download the Miss U app, or go to their website through this link.

You are given 10 votes per day per account, and you’re free to use it as you wish. This means you can spread the votes around ten candidates, or you can vote for Miss Philippines ten times per day.

You can also vote through Twitter using #MissUniverse, and the ‘candidate-specific’ hashtag on the voting page of the Miss Universe official website. Tweets and retweets are counted.

Voting is until Saturday 9PM (8AM ET).

We’re not psychic, but we do have our bets on who’s going to win Miss Universe this year. In no particular order, here are our 5 favorites this year!

Miss Colombia (Andrea Tovar)


In one of the official Miss Universe videos, it’s as if you can’t stop her from dancing on all the streets of Vigan. She’s one of those people who’s always full of energy. Her clear vision for environment education and product innovation will surely win many hearts this year. Succeeding Ariadna Gutierrez, a lot of people are betting on Tovar to. Many are saying she’ll be back for a vengeance after the Miss Universe mix-up last year.

Miss Canada (Siera Bearchell)


Miss Canada has been the subject of many criticisms regarding her body. She replied with absolute confidence to all those telling her she can’t win because of how “big” she got. She saw how Miss Universe this year isn’t like it was before, and is now celebrating diversity of women everywhere. Bearchell is confident with her body now than ever before, and is an inspiration to all women (and men!) around the globe.

Miss Curaçao (Chanelle de Lau)


We’re surprised why she’s not in any of the other Miss U predictions. We absolutely love the charisma she brings with her every time. She seems like the type of person you would get along with quite well, like someone who you can comfortably exchange stories with! Chanelle has been an advocate for Cancer research while thinking about new dishes to cook and new music to dance to. Her soft facial features even add to the elegance she brings with her everyday.

Miss Malaysia (Kiran Jassal)

She’s just so goofy and perky! And look at those cheekbones! At only 20 years old, she’s already reaching great heights. Her participation in sports was her secret to a more confident self, but she always has the young Kiran in her heart. She embraces diversity in beauty, and hopes everyone could see beauty is and will always be diverse.


Miss Philippines (Maxine Medina)


There’s no shame in betting on your own country! We’re betting on Maxine because she clearly has the home court advantage AND she is very resilient. Despite receiving flak because of her English-speaking skills, she has chosen to answer the Q&A in English still. She’s been practicing hard and we feel this is one of the defining features of a great Miss Universe. We just hope we see the fruits of her hard work on Monday!

Miss Universe will air on January 30, 2017 Monday at 8am.


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