23 hours ago, Gizmodo published this article where if you search ‘asshole’ or ‘racist’, Donald Trump’s twitter profile will be the first one to greet you along with users with bio’s with the word ‘asshole’. Clearly, Trump’s twitter bio does not have the word in it so that says a lot. Other words include ‘bigot’ and ‘fascist’ as seen by this Twitter user:

Actually, if you search ‘Putin’, Trump’s account will also pop up.

However, a few hours later, Mashable reported that this is no longer the case. All thanks to Twitter, when you search the keywords mentioned above, Trump won’t be seen anywhere.

We know. We tried.

Looks like he isn’t an asshole anymore… on Twitter’s search engine at least. We can’t get rid of his racism and sexism that easily in real life.

But he still has tiny hands. We know this because we confirmed it.

*Featured image from here.


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