OK, so we can’t just let this one go. Sean Spicer has been the subject of much social media talk recently and reportedly, he’s even gone off the charts.

Time for some ‘alternative facts’

After saying obvious lies such as ‘Trump’s inauguration was attended by the most people in all of history, period’, people with the great mighty power of social media quickly knew what to do. Memes.



It didn’t end there.

Just yesterday, the great Press Secretary Sean Spicer tweeted something that looked like either drunk texts or a keyboard smash.


He has since then deleted these tweets. So big thanks to the inventor of screenshots! But what are these??? A verified Twitter account of a United States government official drunk texting? The voice of God? Nope. According to this article by The Washington Post, it’s actually the randomly generated code sent to you as part of Twitter’s Two-Factor Authentication process. This code is sent through 40404, and is also the number you text so you can post remotely.

Washington Post says that this is only a theory so they reached out to the White House who just asked them if they knew what a pocket tweet was. Wow, that was sassy. They could have just said he just made the tweet by accident.

*Featured Image from Business Insider


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