Wish 107.5 features live performances of OPM artists up on their Wish 107.5 Bus, the first radio station on-wheels. The performances are also uploaded on YouTube so you can listen to your favorite covers again at the end of the day. We really admire how these artists are growing everyday and it’s nice to see them singing here and there. This is a country of musicians, and hey, we’re proud of that. Here are our favorite Wish 107.5 covers! (This editor’s favorite one is Gary V’s)

Sassa Dagadag – If I Were A Boy (Beyonce)

Sassa could might as well be the queen of riff. With her powerful vocals and range, it makes you wonder how this young kid has all of that in her.

Darren Espanto – Chandelier (Sia)

Just look at him effortlessly pulling off that chorus. What we love about this cover is that he’s simply very chill, so you can tell he’s been doing this for a while and is enjoying what he does.

Gracenote – When I Dream About You (Stevie B)

This is the song you’ll want to listen to while you’re driving or taking a long walk. Gracenote offers us a impressive pop-rock rendition of the 1995 classic ballad.

Michael Pangilinan – Lay Me Down (Sam Smith)

I’m just here waiting for him to have a live duet with Sam Smith. Their vocal qualities are quite similar, but Michael Pangilinan adds a sweeter touch to the hit song. We can listen to this all day.

KZ Tandingan – Royals (Lorde)

The X Factor Philippines winner never dispappoints. This cover is almost like it came out of an action movie. Trust us, you’ll get that James Bond cool yet strong badass vibe the whole song.

KZ Tandingan – Tadhana (UDD)

We used to think no one can cover Up Dharma Down songs worthy of the band’s greatness. This is an exception. Here’s another one by KZ, giving a slightly different feel to Armi’s mellow song. At first it’s like ‘Okay, sounds like the original’ but WAIT FOR THE BRIDGE!!! It soars from then.

Tim Pavino – How Did You Know (Gary Valenciano)

I didn’t really expect much tbh but oh my Tim Pavino did surprise me. He has that control all singers in the world aspire for.

Sue Ramirez – Your Love (Alamid)

Congratulations, readers, you have finally reached the mellow/slow song part of the article. Sue Ramirez is known for her casual covers with fellow actress and singer Kristel Fulgar. Now we see her covering one of the hit songs of the year, Your Love as popularized by the teleserye Dolce Amore.

Gary Valenciano – Spain (Chick Corea)

Here’s a tip: listening to Gary V singing is always a good idea. He plays around with the song and shows such mastery of whatever song he’s singing. We were so impressed that our frustrated musician dreams came back to haunt us again.

Zia Quizon – Hotline Bling (Drake)

I think everyone in the world should listen to at least one acoustic version of Hotline Bling. But if you want to listen to just one, LISTEN TO THIS ONE. Never thought Zia’s bossa nova voice would cover a hiphop/rap song so well. Please excuse me I have to go listen to this song 300 more times.

Editor’s Note: It has come to the readers’ attention that Sue Ramirez – Your Love (Alamid) video was not viewable in this article. We have already fixed this issue. We apologize for this. 


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