Over the weekend, the publicized statement of Malacañang on the Miss Universe pageant brought about so much flak (and cringing) because of its excessive use of flowery language.

Many agree that Malacañang should really hire a better writer, like her for example:

Malacang pls hire me

The #SayItLikeMalacanang hashtag quickly trended on Twitter so now we joyfully present to you ten statements of one hundred and forty characters or less that made us feel an abudance of glee upon reading:

When you’re hungry but still have time to #SayItLikeMalacanang

Using this next time we see our friends

Ladies and gentelemen, the Malacañang version of Tatlong Bibe

Disclaimer: This isn’t his real name.

We teared up a bit.

This list won’t be complete without a hugot tweet

“Oh, my supreme being”

The next time he/she doesn’t text you, ask this instead:

‘Wala’ actually means something… deadly.

The accuracy is beyond us

Well, this was a great way to add more words to one’s vocabulary! Okay, we admit it. We got a bit conscious of our writing style too.
Tell us your favorite #SayItLikeMalacanang tweets!

*Featured image from SunStar


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