Whether it’s travel, tech, or fashion, male bloggers have not fallen short in creativity, uniqueness, and even looks. Thanks to more opportunities and rising brands, many of them are now able to blog about the things they’ve always wanted to write about.

Blogging has been the interest and even the career of many male personalities nowadays, and it’s not like we’re complaining. Nope, we absolutely aren’t.

Here’s our purely opinionated list of the most handsome Filipino bloggers today presented in no particular order.

Johan Aguilar (Dojo Thoughts)

Known as the standout three-time UAAP swimming MVP, Johan is also a travel blogger and photographer with works featured in the Instagram page, @travellingdestinations.

Blissful days in Copenhagen ✨ #throwback to autumn where golden sunsets and leaves were as magical as Christmas #mytravelstory

A photo posted by Johan Aguilar X Travel Visuals (@johansenaguilar) on

Mikyle Quizon (Style Division)

Mikyle is one of the top Filipino menswear fashion bloggers to follow. For us, he might just be able to pull off every look known to man.

Everybody needs a time on their own

A photo posted by Mikyle Quizon (@mikylequizon) on

Lance De Ocampo

This menswear fashion blogger is also a pro at travel photography. His photos may make you want to book a flight to all the places he’s been to.

David Guison (DG Manila)

David is one of the OG bloggers for menswear. Throughout the years he was able to explore more for his brand and now he blogs about food, lifestyle, travel, and absolutely anything he finds wonderful.

Erwan Heussaff (The Fat Kid Inside)

Erwan Heussaff is an inspiration to anyone getting fit. His blog centers mostly on healthy alternatives to everyday activities and his travels. He also has a YouTube channel where he shares his recipes and travel videos.

We made some cooking videos with and for my new co-host @panchozefrenchie @panchozefrenchie

A photo posted by Erwan Heussaff (@erwanheussaff) on

Kevin Francisco (YugaTech)

Kevin is Yugatech’s Senior Editor and Video Producer. Aside from being a tech geek, he’s also loves music and discovering places around the world.

Biking makes me happy.

A photo posted by Kevin Francisco (@kevinffrancisco) on

Victor Basa

Victor is the all-around man. He’s stunning as a model, a host, and of course, a blogger. He writes about his recent tech finds, fashion, and just anything life can bring.

Yay or nay for the facial hair?

A photo posted by V I C T O R B A S A (@victorbasa) on

Robbie Becroft (Robbie Off Duty)

Robbie started his blog in order to learn new things and find new possibilities. Today, he is known for his menswear fashion blog with hints of his stylistic travel photography.

Missing everyone in the Philippines!

A photo posted by Robbie Becroft (@robbieoffduty) on

Seph Cham

Today, Filipino male bloggers are more open to trying and writing about new things. Seph Cham is one of those, initially writing about menswear fashion and showcasing his photograph. Now, he also brushes on tech and lifestyle topics.

One box of Tai Cheong egg tarts for me!

A photo posted by Seph Cham (@sephcham) on

Miko Carreon (The Style Architect)

The Style Architect focuses on lifestyle and fashion. But at the end of the day, Miko takes refuge in music and dance.

Below zero

A photo posted by Miko Carreon (@mikocarreon) on

AJ Dee (The Filo Dapper)

AJ Dee is Filipino actor who has found home in lifestyle and fashion blogging. His well-curated Instagram posts and feed will inspire you to try photography for a hobby too!

Bonded with kuya Maximus at Hiro’s Christening party. My little Filo Dapper.

A photo posted by AJ Dee (@ajdeeiii) on

Kerwin King

Kerwin is a blessing to the arts. Aside from blogging and being a brand ambassador, he also acts, sings, and is in the process of perfecting his photography and illustration skills.

Deegee Razon (DG Razon)

Deegee’s creative photography is the reason why it’ll take you hours just looking at his photos and reading his blogs with a smile on your face. He also helps his viewers by sharing his photography tips for anyone interested in making photography into a hobby or even pursue it into a career.

Kiong Hee Huat Tsai | 中国新年快乐 ⛩

A photo posted by Deegee Razon (@dgrazon) on

Bob Freking (YugaTech)

Bob Freking is a tech blogger at Yugatech and is their team’s Marketing and Community Specialist. Aside from taking great photos of his events and travels, he is also known to write poems and other pieces that are truly worth your time.

Am I James Dean yet?

A photo posted by Master (@bobfreking) on

Daniel Morial (YugaTech)

Dan is another one of Yugatech’s Senior Editors. Read up on his tech reviews, but also ask him questions on filmmaking!

Be annoyed by my face. Happiness with this huge Mi plush toy.

A photo posted by Daniel Morial (@plyrdan10) on

Chuckie Dreyfus (All Chucked Up!)

Chuckie is known as as a brand ambassador and celebrity. Currently, he writes about lifestyle, tech, and anything he can think of at the moment.

Chris Mercene (Pinoy Guy Guide)

If you haven’t checked out Chris’ blog, you’re missing out. His is one of the most diverse and dynamic blogs we’ve seen, touching on tech, travel, food, cars, styling, and many more.

Prenup shoot. The very reason why I’m taking a hiatus from blogging. See you soon bros. ✊ #EatDrinkAndBeMercene #RCandJoan2016

A photo posted by CHRIS | Pinoy Guy Guide (@pinoyguyguide) on

Rodel Flordeliz (Nognog In The City)

Rodel works both in front and behind the camera. He hosts events and TV features, and has quite the talent for video editing.

Paul Chuapoco (Paul the PR Guy)

Paul writes about food, travel, styling, and lifestyle in an enjoyable way. It’s as if you’re just in a casual conversation with him, and that’s what makes his blog unique.

Not happy to check out of @thefunnylion. #thefunnylion #myfunnylionexperience #flyskyjet #skyjetcoron

A photo posted by Paul Riyadh Chuapoco (@paultheprguy) on

Michael Macalos (Contemporary Boy)

Michael is a menswear fashion blogger but is also very comfortable (and great) at writing about travel and tech. His blog is a hodgepodge of the things he loves, as well as a photography portfolio that does not disappoint.

Jeffrey Lo (Pinoy Fitness)

Run with Jeff around Manila! He even shares his top tips on how to run like a pro.

Louie Reyes (LA Connects)

Louie is a travel blogger and occasionally writes about menswear fashion as well. Find time to read the stories he keeps close to his heart in a blog that is cool and calm.

Always be the best version of YOU. #LAConnects 📸 #Take5wmr

A photo posted by Louiereyes (@louiesreyes) on

Michael Josh Villanueva (GadgetMatch)

Looking for a tech blog that has everything? Michael Josh’s GadgetMatch is has nearly everything you’ll ever ask for in a tech blog. He is also a YouTuber and multimedia journalist, among many of his chosen paths.

Another CES is in the bag.

A photo posted by Michael Josh Villanueva (@michaeljosh) on

Winslow Co (HungryGeeks)

Here’s Hungrygeek’s Winslow Co. He’s a tech blogger but he is also a foodie and an entrepreneur.

#TaraMoan #travel #philippines #Caramoan

A photo posted by Winslow Co (@winslowjustin) on

If your favorite gwapong blogger isn’t on the list, let us know in the comments section! We’ll add them to the list soon! Meanwhile, here are the Philippines’ most beautiful bloggers.


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