For the 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo, victorious athletes will be awarded medals that are made from the recycled metal parts of old electronic gadgets. This is in accordance with their aim to provide a more sustainable way of manufacturing, while also minimizing costs. The idea that the Japanese citizens will be able to take part in the upcoming event through this activity may encourage them to donate all their old gadgets as soon as they can.

Need for eight tons of metal

To be able to successfully create 5,000 medals for the event, eight tons of metal will be needed. The Olympics organizing committee has come up with this innovative plan since Japan has very few mineral resources. The leading mobile carrier in the country, NTT DoCoMo, has agreed to install donation boxes in 2,400 of their stores. Additional collection centers will also be situated in certain public offices, though this is still uncertain.

The committee also clarified that aside from old smartphones, they will also be accepting small appliances.

So are the medals still real gold?

Our electronic gadgets do have bits of gold, silver, and bronze, and other rare minerals in them. With enough number of electronic goods, making medals will go by with ease. This will be the first time we will see Olympic medals made entirely out of recovered and recycled metal.

With the large amount of mindlessly discarded appliances in Japan, the Olympics committee has finally found a way for the people to actively participate in the fulfilment of their nation’s major event that will happen in 3 years.


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