With only a few days left until Valentine’s, the search for the perfect gift must have already begun. But wait, are you thinking of those two things already? You know, chocolate and flowers? If you are, you should really change your mind. Maybe this is finally the year to get more creative. Remember, roses wilt and chocolates can get super expensive. Here are five other things you can give them:

Chicken Nuggets Bouquet

Rico Villanueva surprised his girlfriend, Annika Aguinaldo, with a bouquet. It’s not just any bouquet though – it’s made out of McDonald’s chicken nuggets. Aguinaldo bluntly told her boyfriend that she didn’t like flowers, and that she’d rather get some chicken.

McDonald’s was the first place they hung out in so naturally, Rico was confident with the McNugget idea. McDonald’s Philippines was so impressed with this that they decided to treat Rico and Annika their very own McDate.

For this year, try to give your valentine something that will remind them of where you spent many happy memories.

Appropriate Ice Cream

Sebastian’s Ice Cream is back again with their annual ice cream collection named after things you just want to happen to your love life. They are well known for their Matinong Girlfriend and Matinong Boyfriend flavors.

Source: Sebastian’s Ice Cream Facebook

But if you’ve already proclaimed to be part of a bitter Valentine’s season, Unresolved Issues would be the flavor for you. While you’re there, try to get some Closure too. We heard its citrusy flavor will give your life a hint of freshness for once.

Source: Sebastian’s Ice Cream Facebook

As a gift, tell your other half how much of a Matinong Boyfriend/Matinong Girlfriend he/she is by gifting them a scoop or two of these ice cream flavors.

Or you can give your ex some of the other flavors too I mean hey if no one’s stopping you.

Jolly Spaghetti

If Valentine’s Day was a color, of course it would be red. Maybe pink, but mostly red because of all the hearts around.

No, stop. Don’t do it. Don’t give roses. Instead, give them the Jolly Spaghetti FAMILY PAN. It’s your favorite Pinoy Spaghetti only bigger and surely not bitin any more.

Heart-shaped Pizza

I remember back in high school someone requested a pizza to be cut in a heart shape. Because the pizza was originally a circle and they just cut a heart out of it, this person ended up with a pizza without a crust. It’s not a new idea, but it’s something that’s never been a real real product in the Philippine pizza scene. It can be requested, but not sold as a heart-shaped pizza.

Thank you, Pizza Hut, for coming up with a Pizza Heart Triple Treat Box! Express your love for that special someone with THREE pizzas all in perfect heart shapes. Use this to remind them of you – cute and cheesy.

Source: Pizza Hut Philippines Facebook

DIY Breakfast

Who told you breakfast is only for mornings?

Rosanna Pansino of Nerdy Nummies will teach you some tasty Valentine’s Day themed breakfast meals for you and your favorite person on earth. In this video, she makes homemade heart pancakes, heart-shaped cinnamon rolls, and ‘I Love You’ avocado toast. Why of course, you can do it!


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