New year, new Starbucks mugs.

There are quite a number of people collecting all kinds of Starbucks mugs, most especially the ones that show where they were bought from. I know of someone who collects Starbucks mugs from every city he goes to because besides, you’re not going to get a Cebu mug in Manila.

Today, February 7, you can finally get the newly launched Starbucks mugs series called You Are Here.

There are five mugs in total. With the Philippines mug are four “city mugs”, Cebu City, Makati City, Manila City, and Quezon City. Each mug is painted with the uniqueness of the location it corresponds to whether it be known tourist destinations or popular products they carry.

Starbucks also told the public through their Facbeook page that other designs will be available soon.


The Philippines mug shows how the country is known as a tropical wonderland. Mostly green and blue, the design includes, the Banaue Rice Terraces, the national flower – the sampaguita, a Philippine eagle in flight, the Mayon volcano, among many others.

Cebu City

The country’s main shipping port is painted in summery colors to perhaps remind us that Cebu has her beautiful beaches too. Along the streets of Cebu you will see many rows of locally made guitars and ukuleles for sale as seen in this mug’s artwork.

Manila City

There’s something about Manila City’s old buildings that make you want to time travel back to the olden days. Although this city is always crowded and noisy, this mug shows the beauty we tend to set aside. Find the Manila City Hall here and the iconic jeepney alongside the calesas you will still find today in many places around the city.

Makati City

Although teeming with people rushing every hour almost like anchovies in the sea, inside Makati are lovely parks and spacious malls with those gardens you can escape to when you get tired of shopping.

Quezon City

Quezon City is a city so big you can do almost everything while you’re there. The place is home to the two major television networks in the country, prestigious schools, and several cafes and restaurants to cater to every single craving you might have.

All photos from the Starbucks Philippines Facebook Page


These mugs are available starting today, February 7, 2017 only at select stores for ₱525. More designs will be available soon.


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