Valentine’s Day is here, which means that people in relationships should have probably started to think about gifts by now. Nowadays, chocolates and flowers are too mainstream and you want to be different.

If you have a geeky partner, these gifts down below are perfect for them. Even though this list may suggest something extremely practical, just know that it doesn’t mean they’re not romantic. Just knowing what your partner likes or needs will show how much you care.

Reference his favorite game/movie with food


Why not take your waffles or pancakes to the next level with some Super Mario Pancake Molds? A Stormtropper shaped breakfast will melt your partner’s heart.

Plan that future date nights with a NetFlix account


Go with that NetFlix and Chill kind of night! Staying together at home will get a whole lot more fun for you guys if you can get a Netflix account. Especially if your partner watches too many TV shows and movies.

Listen to your theme song with a new headphone


Everybody loves to listen to music. If your partner is an audiophile, go give him/her a new set of awesome headphones and create some sweet playlist on Spotify while you’re at it. Go for that extra mile.

Read comics together


If your partner likes to read DC and Marvel comics, it’s nice to take home some old-school, rare comics and read it together. Let your date know that you support all of his/her hobbies.

A Steam gift card is simple yet practical


For all those gamer boyfriend/girlfriend out there. A Steam card is very practical if don’t know what game should you get.

But at the end of the day, don’t stress about the gifts or the reservations that you have to make this Valentine’s Day. We’re sure that your partner will feel even more loved if you just put down your phone and show him/her that there’s no place you’d rather be than with your partner in crime.


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