To be able to balance love and a busy blogger life is one challenge these couples have again and again been conquering. Thanks to them, we are inspired to find the kind of love worth spending our time on. Here are four popular blogger couples who continuously inspire us to keep on loving:

Seph Cham (Joseph Cham) and Trice Nagusara (La Petite)

Seph and Trice both model and travel. One thing that we can learn from them is is how they prioritize happiness, and just keeping the relationship always fun and exciting.

David Guison (DG Manila) and Vina Guerrero (Vina Guerrero)

In a video feature by Preview PH, Vina narrated how she met David for the first time. She was a fan of his blog then before she made her own, and she asked if she could have a photo with him. David and Vina have been exploring cities and new fashion trends since we could remember.

Chuckie (All Chucked Up!) and Yen Dreyfus (The Tummy Traveller)

This celebrity couple both blog about lifestyle and health. Perhaps the most inspiring thing about them is how they’ve dedicated this love for the sake of the other. Their children are the most wonderful blessings they have ever received and the reason for the Dreyfuses growing love.

Tippy and Pong Go (Googly Gooeys)

Googly Gooeys has reached far beyond urban Manila and has brought joy to many different people. And Tipsy and Ponggo the blobs are actually together in real life! Along with the couple is Riley, their adorable little boy and purple blob.

Quick family vacay Riley also twinning with daddy ‍♂️ More from today on IG stories. #HälloRiley – : @abbeysy

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