Who will forget that Nokia 3310 with a body that’s strong enough to break ceramic tiles and a battery that can last a whole week? With smartphones nowadays focusing more on thinness and features, it’s hard but not reminisce to the good ol’ days. But we might have some surprise comeback soon this year.

Yes. It’s coming back, almost 17 years after it was first launched back in 2000. Fan-favorite Nokia plans to re-launch the device at the upcoming MWC conference in Barcelona, according to data obtained by VentureBeat. The handset is reportedly cost around $65 or (Php 3,200) and will be marketed as phone that can outlast everyone in terms of battery life and indestructible body.

It’s really nice to have this kind of throwback, to those days where we don’t really need to carry external battery packs. It’s really a new sight to see nowadays. And let’s admit it, we really want to play that old-school Snake game again.



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