#HurtBae was trending on Twitter worldwide and we honestly didn’t know what was going on. As we searched further, there was this video from The Scene about exes confronting each other about the cheating that resulted to their breakup.

Kourtney and Leonard met in college and built their relationship after they moved to the same apartment complex. When Kourtney looked at her then-boyfriend’s phone, there were pictures of girls that he just put aside as “nothing” and he promised he won’t do anything like that again. She went in his room once but found him with another girl to which he confessed, “I did everything.”

#HurtBae trended fast on Twitter as people reacted violently to this seemingly one-sided confrontation.

Most sided with Kourtney, but their honest confessions to what they want to see in each other in the future, and why she chose to forgive also brought about a whirlwind of emotions.



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