Mia the Beagle went into the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show all ready for the agility round. “Time to make mom proud,” she thought. But only a few seconds in her performance, her concentration went off a tiny bit. Maybe it’s the people, or the stuff or — oh no, Mia, this is not the time to be smelling your butt!

Mia still won the hearts of many since, well, all she really wanted to do anyway was to be the playful dog she was born to be.

Here are other showstopper dog show puppers:

Tex the Border Collie – Winner of the 2015 Masters Agility Contest

This dog is us every single time our phones are at 1% and the charger is nowhere to be found.

Golden Retriever Picks Food Over Everything

KoiraOkay but have you related to anything better than this dog? The Koira Mestari Dog Show from Finland presents these young children who have trained their furry friends to the best of their abilities.

In this obedience event, the two preceding dogs seem to know what the key to winning was. The Golden, however, probably knew that winning meant food so food definitely has to come first.

Rumor the German Shepherd – Westminster Dog Show’s Best in Show for 2017

Rumor was supposed to retire after placing second last year, but thankfully her human gave this year a try too!


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