Many years ago, our parents or guardians tried to come up with whatever scary thing they could to stop us from crying or do any other menacing things. Besides, it’s a lot easier to “scare” your kid than explaining to them why they shouldn’t let go of your hand while in the mall.

Sometimes, they even advised weird practices like turning plates around to keep us from harm when we go outside. Ultimately, this is just our parents trying to care for us in their own different ways. Whether you believe in some of them or not, wala namang mawawala sa atin.

Here are four kinds of kasabihan we’ve heard:

Kapag makulit ka

Sayings like you’ll get caught by the police when you become a little too naughty is our parents way of keeping us from running off or annoying other people while in the mall or church. This is also their way of protecting us from getting lost or worse, getting kidnapped.

Kapag kailangan mo ng extra guidance

My parents and grandparents used to tell me to always spin my plate around whenever someone’s leaving the house. They say that it’s bad luck to let a person leave while someone’s eating. Still not sure why though. We also had a saying that you shouldn’t be cleaning up the dining table while someone’s still eating. The person eating won’t get married if you do that. I think this is just a way for them to say that generally it is very disrespectful to pretend everyone’s already done and rush clearing the table.

You might be familiar with the saying that you shouldn’t be sleeping while your hair’s still wet or your eyesight will worsen. This is not at all true. The worst this can bring is just dandruff, or so I’ve read. But oh well, there’s no harm in drying your hair first before you sleep anyway.

Basta malas ‘yun.

One of the most annoying things in our family is the expression “basta malas ‘yun.” It’s such a lame excuse for anything they just want us to do. Things like don’t cut your nails at night or don’t sing while you’re eating are examples of  these. Also, don’t sweep the floor at night, you’ll sweep out the blessings. And don’t crave chicken for New Year either. Eating chicken during the start of the year is bad luck. Basta malas!

Self-serving sayings

Treat your family with your first pay so the money continues. Yep, I’ve done that. These are one of the funniest kinds of sayings. These tend to redirect to your parents welfare, but is totally fine because it’s just like when they say don’t leave the house without bidding them goodbye. Our parents are amazing people, so they keep telling you not to forget them once you’re older and more successful.


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