Good karma comes a long way. Especially if you’re using a car to save someone’s life. Because the company owner can pay the costs if lucky enough.

According to, Muenchner Merkur, a 41-year-old Manfred Kick was driving his Tesla Model S when he notice a man in a Volkswagen driving erratically on the Autobahn near Munich, Germany. When Kicm realized that the man was unconscious, he pulled in front of the Volkswagen and slowly braked until both cars came to stop.

After that, he entered the Volkswagen and gave the man first aid, while some people who stopped called emergency services. Apparently, the man was suffering a stroke. He was then taken to the hospital and is now stable, police reported.

The good heroic act was unfortunately billed to a total of 10,000 euros. But here’s when the good karma comes in. Elon Musk, who shared the story on Twitter and said Tesla would provide all repair costs free of charge. Talk about taking care of your brand. Thanks, good-guy Elon Musk.


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