For the past couple of years, both Smart and Globe have slowly removed the Unlimited Data Plans in their mobile subscriptions. They then shifted to volume pricing after introducing caps on prepaid and postpaid plans.

This way, telcos get to charge more per customer as their data consumption increases and at the same time, also able to cut down on heavy users.

However, there’s still a way to get unlimited mobile internet. At least, from Globe postpaid. Here’s how you avail of it:

1) Subscribe to any GoSurf Plan (GoSurf 99 to GoSurf 999).

2) Take note of your data allowance. Once you exceed your data allocation, you will be automatically charged Php2 per MB.

3) Once the excess charge reaches Php1,500, your final bill be will added Php1,500 and not any higher.

4) Hence, if you subscribed to GoSurf 99 with the 100MB allocation, when you exceed the 100MB and reaches over 5GB of data, you will be charged an additional Php1,500 on top of the Php99 subscription. Your total bill will be Php1,599.

The same is true if you subscribed to GoSurf 999. You get 5GB of data but if you exceed that, and say reach over 10Gb for the month, you will need to pay an extra Php1,500. Your total bill at the end of the month will be Php2,499.

That’s still less expensive than what US telcos like Verizon and AT&T are offering right now which is like $100 and higher extra charge to get unlimited.


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