K-beauty or Korean beauty is known for having a very soft and subtle style. It mimics the natural no-makeup look, but paying close attention to appearing younger with that healthy glow. This style often relies on the base makeup (primer, foundation, and concealer) to make skin appear almost like porcelain, and skincare to ensure that makeup is applied on healthy skin.

What I personally love about K-beauty is it’s a great way to start learning about makeup. It uses less products than those ‘Instagram’ makeup looks you see all around, it’s experiment-friendly so you can gradually go into bolder makeup looks while still maintaining that natural and youthful feel.

Edward Avila

This isn’t the first time I’ve recommended Edward, but he just so talented (he doesn’t even know it) that he’s become one of my main YouTubers on K-beauty. He draws inspiration from his favorite K-Pop groups plus his tutorials are really easy to follow. Watch his GRWM (Get Ready With Me) videos where he shares a bunch of his funny stories.

Joan Kim

Joan and Edward are actually very good friends and you’ll see them in each other’s vlogs from time to time. Joan is the YouTuber to follow if you want to stick with the everyday makeup look and if you want to focus on Korean skincare. She is very easygoing with her reviews and tutorials so you’ll learn fast. You should check out how quick she puts on liquid eyeliner!

Morgan – TheBeautyBreakdown

Morgan is a Korean-American YouTuber who probably has the most K-beauty content I’ve seen so far. She has reviews and trials on new products, discussions on skincare, makeup tutorials, and even her collections and hauls.

So Young – SoYoung’s Beauty Room

So Young’s a bit different because there are times she uses American beauty products to create her K-beauty looks. So there’s just no excuse for you not to try the K-beauty style!


I’ve only started to watch Diane’s videos a few days ago but I was so amazed by how simple her looks actually are. She’s the perfect YouTuber to follow if you’re only starting now and you want to stay with the simple looks for the time being.


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