Facebook’s dream of destroying Snapchat after it failed to buy the company for $3 Billion gets another 1 billion more backers. Thanks to WhatsApp.

The popular messaging platform is now starting to roll out its own version of Stories with an update to its Status feature. Now, it’s currently launching in the Netherlands and France, and the feature will eventually be live in all the countries it is supported this coming month.

Similar to Instagram and Messenger, the features is located to a new dedicated section inside the app, right beside your chat and calls log. From there, you can update your Status with photos and video clips (just like Instagram) that will be viewable to friends within the time-span of 24 hours after posting.

They made this update in celebration of WhatsApp eighth birthday. What’s makes this feature unique from all of the other clones is that it inherits Whatsapp end-to-end encryption making it more secure from hackers. Check out the video below to see how similar it is with Snapchat:


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